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Times Is Hard (Radio Edit) - OlympX - Fungul / Times Is Hard (Vinyl)

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  1. Dagore says:
    At the same time a Dutch company called N2IT previewed the worlds first timecode vinyl system to the world. The records played just like normal vinyl but sent signals to a computer via an interface called ScratchAmp. The first time we heard of this was in a New York Times article in
  2. Yomi says:
    Aug 22,  · Yes, Vinyl is fairly stable, but very sensitive to heat (vinyl will warp), extreme cold (vinyl will crack), dust (loves to find it's way into grooves), scratching (which can occur by dropping or if anything abrasive scrapes across the surface).
  3. Nikor says:
    Sometimes r/vinyl likes to fetishize vinyl as if they are rare special gems but for decades vinyl was the basic medium to obtain recorded music and you better believe that Joe Q Public played the shit out of the records they loved. You certainly can wear out your records but it is going to take some serious heavy listening to over years to.
  4. Kizil says:
    Jan 13,  · This article has been viewed 1,, times. Hard water spots are caused by minerals like calcium and magnesium in your water. When a surface gets wet, the water evaporates but leaves the mineral deposits behind.
  5. Kicage says:
    Please like fronathirdasunviticbattblogcommmomy.coinfo Tweet. NOTE: all the free Object sound effects are under the CC-BY-ND Attribution fronathirdasunviticbattblogcommmomy.coinfo place a credit link to fronathirdasunviticbattblogcommmomy.coinfo such that a person who wants to know where the Object sounds came from will have no difficulty in finding them. Thank you!
  6. Gaktilar says:
    Nov 21,  · At this point, it’s important to point out that record-players and turntables are two different beasts. The radio boom of the s hits the record market hard. Combination home systems started to become more popular, including inbuilt amplification, speaker units and, of course, radio.
  7. Gosho says:
    Oct 20,  · To copy tape or vinyl onto a hard drive I use "Golden Records" By NCH Swift sound. It is inexpensive and does everything you want. It will even save the tracks on an LP as separate mp3's.
  8. Doucage says:
    But while LPs use a “waffle iron” process to squeeze hard, raw vinyl into records, Eva-Tone uses soft vinyl about five times thinner, saving money and time. Sound sheets cost 7 cents to $1.

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